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The Ramen Poster, 16x20, Traditional Background

The Ramen Poster, 16x20, Traditional Background

Traditional background portraits a forestry of bamboo in Japanese brush painting .


In Japan, there are many types of ramen such as shio, shoyu, miso, tonkotsu, tori paitan, and many more. In different prefectures, you will find different flavors and ramen specialties. This poster, "The Ramen Poster," will introduce 25 ramen favorites across different regions of Japan. 


What makes a bowl of ramen delicious-looking is the beautiful presentation of the bowl, broth, noodle, and toppings that are carefully made and arranged by the chef. This is how designer, Fanny Chu, wanted this project to be presented: a poster full of tasty ramen that she wanted to take a bite right away!


The Ramen Poster also has its educational part. While different parts of Japan have their own proud recipes, Chu wanted to show them on this poster too. For example, in Yamagata, the local specialty cold ramen is very popular. (even in Winter) Sometimes, there are even ice cubes in the beef broth to keep it cold.


Designer: Fanny Chu
Dimension: 16 inch x 20 inch
Paper: heftier 10 pt. cardstock with vibrant gloss finish
Background: Traditional 



"Thankfully, there’s now a beautiful poster of the 25 most common to help you keep track, and maybe even help you conquer any [ramen] you haven’t tried."


"There are so many versions of ramen that I didn’t even knew existed that I want to eat them all right now."


"Fanny, a designer from Berkeley, California, is taking the universal appeal of ramen and turning it into art... A dedicated ramen enthusiast herself, Fanny’s passion project is proof that ramen, like chess, is far more than just the sum of its parts. A bowl of ramen isn’t just a dish, it’s a culture."


"Ramen is one of the most versatile noodle dishes around. Luckily, for the overwhelmed ramen aficionado, there's a cheat sheet."


"Are you ready to take your ramen love to the next level? Just think: If someone walks into your house whose ramen vocabulary is limited to “Maruchan” and “Top Ramen,” you can direct them to the gorgeous graphic print hanging on your wall."


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