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The Ramen Poster 2.0, 24x36, Spicy Background

The Ramen Poster 2.0, 24x36, Spicy Background


After designing for the first ramen poster, I was exposed to many types of ramen that I finally got to try for the first time such as Tori-Paitan (ramen with a rich chicken broth that was made similar to Tonkotsu style) and Ramen Burger. (Grilled ramen buns sandwiching roast pork, scallions, and other ramen toppings) Other than local Japanese ramen, I also want to introduce ramen recipes that have misleading name such as Yakisoba and Abura-soba, both having "soba in their names." Like most people, I thought they are probably soba noodles. (buckwheat) However, they are not made with soba noodles at all; instead, wheat noodles or ramen noodles are typically used for those recipes.

As these discoveries pile up within the year, I decided to design a second ramen poster for the new year of 2016. The Ramen Poster 2.0 will introduce 42 ramen recipes (my old one has 25) that will blow your mind with more variety of must-try ramen in Japan!


What makes a bowl of ramen delicious-looking is the beautiful presentation of the bowl, broth, noodle, and toppings that are carefully made and arranged by the chef. This is how I wanted this project to be presented: a poster full of tasty ramen that I wanted to take a bite right away!


The Ramen Poster also has its educational part. There are lists of common broth, sauce, and toppings that are used for each regional recipes or a particular ramen dish.

While different parts of Japan have their own proud recipes, I wanted to show them on this poster too. For example, in Yamagata, the local specialty cold ramen is very popular. (even in Winter) Sometimes, there are even ice cubes in the beef broth to keep it cold.

Other than introducing regional recipes, I also want to mention popular dishes like "Yakisoba." Although the name is suggesting the noodle dish to be a buckwheat soba noodles, it is not common to use soba noodles for this recipe. Instead, noodles made with wheat flour or ramen noodles are typically used to make this delicious stir-fried noodle dish!


Underneath each illustration, there is a list of ingredients of what each snacks are made out of. Sometimes, gathering a few ingredients will already make you a delicious homemade Japanese snack!


Designer: Fanny Chu
Dimension: 24 inch x 36 inch
Paper: heftier 10 pt. cardstock with vibrant gloss finish
Background: Spicy
A background with spicy chili ramen is what makes this poster exciting! Contrast of red chili oil with tasty colorful ingredients make this poster more attractive. (and definitely make us all very hungry for a bowl of ramen now!)  


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