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The Noodle Poster, 16x20

The Noodle Poster, 16x20

The Noodle Poster is a graphic that allows you to expand your love for noodle. If you love pasta, ramen, or pho, why not explore other delicious noodle dishes that will fulfill your craving with exciting flavors and texture.

You might have a friend who is obsessed with noodle too, "The Noodle Poster" is going to be a unique gift for any noodle lovers who are ready to do more noodle hunting!


Noodle comes in different shape, texture, and flavor. There are too many noodle types and unlimited ways to make them into a dish. For some magical reason, we tend to get addicted to noodle. No matter it is Spaghetti, Ramen, Pad Thai, Vietnamese Pho, Chow Mien, or Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup, these exquisite noodle dishes truly win our hearts to design for The Noodle Poster ! 

Since 4000 years ago, noodle started its journey in Asia and spread noodle making to the Middle East, Europe, and eventually to the rest of the world. As food researchers, we once again gather many interesting noodle dishes from around the world including Indian spiced vermicelli dessert, Persian aromatic rice-and-noodle dish, and Germany's SpƤtzle (egg noodle) in beef stew.

Of course, Asia has tons of signature noodle dishes that are world famous for their unique use of spice, distinctive ingredients, and noodle making culture.


This design requires a wide variety of research other than noodle and food, it involves with local ingredients, eating culture and history. After gathering information of popular signature noodle dishes around the world, this poster is finalized with handpicking 30 most popular noodle dishes in a global scale! In order to find local and more reliable research result, there is a specialized translate research team to find specific recipe from Vietnam, India, Tibet, Germany, etc.


The goal of The Noodle Poster is to introduce each noodle dish in a form that is as close as when it is sold in a local noodle shop or restaurant. Thus the design is to match its local ingredient use and appearance, which is based on the initial food research.

What Noodle Dishes to Expect? From China to Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia, India to the Middle East, Italy to Germany, you will find a variety of noodle specialty that was created from all around the globe.


Noodle is usually made on a large flat surface in order to mix the ingredients, roll and rest the dough, and finally cut and shape into noodle!

Other than curly noodle framing the center of poster, you will find a patterned background of Red Oak wood to depict a wooden noodle making surface.


Paper: 100lb. poster paper with 80% recycled content.
Finish: a semi-gloss finish, which is convenient for both hanging with or without framing glass.
Dimension is 16X20 inch
Background color: red oak wood


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