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Tamago Poster, 16x20

Tamago Poster, 16x20


Love eggs, or Japanese egg dishes? Tamago Poster is the perfect gift for a friend who loves egg, an inspirational egg guide for the kitchen wall, or simply a tasty Tamago poster in your dining room.


Tamago means egg in Japanese. It is one of the key ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Tamago can be enjoy in many forms in Japan: raw, pickled, steamed, cooked and serve over rice, and a lot more ways to make delicious egg dishes.

Through TAMAGO Poster, I hope to spread traditional Japanese egg dishes to around the world so that we could all get a taste of authentic Japanese egg dishes even though most of us live outside of Japan.


All illustrations are drawn based on real food. 

Learn each dish in both English & Japanese

Underneath each illustration of the dish, the name of the dish is written in 3 ways:

  • English Name
  • Japanese Kanji
  • Pronunciation
The Tamago Poster is also a guide to your upcoming tamago cooking journey! As soon as you have eggs, pick a dish that you like and start gathering other ingredients listed under each illustration. I am sure you will be proud of your own cooking!

Hanko Artist Stamp

Hanko is a customized stamp for artists to seal their artwork, just like a signature. For The TAMAGO Poster, you can choose which side of the poster you want me to stamp on. 


Designer: Fanny Chu
Dimension: 16 inch x 20 inch
Paper: heftier 100 lbs. text  with vibrant gloss finish
Print in USA
Release Year: 2017

30 USD25 USD