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Ramen Sticker Sheet, BLUE

Ramen Sticker Sheet, BLUE

Do you love ramen bowls? Get a sticker sheet and use them on anything you want! You will fall in love with these adorable, delicious ramen bowls! There are unlimited ways to use these tasty bowls! Be creative and be yourself!


After designing for two ramen posters, I started to make ramen stickers with my own sticker machine. I usually use them on my personal belongings like notebook cover and back of the phone. One time, I was using my phone at the subway station. A girl standing next to me saw my ramen sticker at the back of my phone. She came up to me and we actually started talking about ramen, where's our favorite ramen shops, and so on. We eventually became friends and realized we have a few mutual friends as well.

It was a surprising experience to make a new friend through a simple ramen sticker. To me, the ramen sticker was purely an expression to show how much I love ramen noodles. I didn't realize it can become a powerful bridge to connect and attract people who love ramen as much as I do!



Version BLUE sticker sheet has three 1-inch ramen (Tori Paitan, Muroran Curry, Hakata ramen) and two 1.5-inch ramen stickers. (Tantanmen and Tokyo Ramen)


Version VIOLET sticker sheet has a total of six 1-inch ramen bowl stickers: Hakodate, Asahikawa, Sapporo, Shirakawa, Yokohama, and Kyoto ramen! View version VIOLET



Durable Vinyl sticker with glossy finish. Waterproof and UV protection for both indoor and outdoor use. 


BLUE: 4 inch W x 3.25 inch H (10.16 cm W x 8.255 cm H) 
VIOLET: 4 inch W x 3.75 inch H (10.16 cm W x 6.985 cm H)