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[DIGITAL VERSION] The Ramen Chart (2018 US Edition), 16x20

[DIGITAL VERSION] The Ramen Chart (2018 US Edition), 16x20



This is a digital version, not physically printed poster. (Image here is blurred to protect content.)
No shipping is involved. You will receive the full digital PDF file of this poster that can print up to size 16x20 inch.


Ramen in Japan is the best, no one can argue about that. But the secret is: there are actually many awesome ramen shops and hidden gems within the United States too!! For this project, I would like to share "the top 25 ramen shops throughout the United States" in a form of a graphic art poster!


After tasting so many types of ramen with unique ingredients and fine quality in Japan, it is only natural for me to search for delicious ramen in the U.S. too. Thus, I began my new adventure hunting for delicious ramen in different parts of the U.S.: Hawaii, Northern and Southern California, New York, etc...  

After trying over 50+ ramen shops and Japanese restaurants throughout the U.S. one by one, this is how I came up with the top 25 spots for quality ramen within the United States!


There are 25 ramen bowls on "The Ramen Chart," each represents the specialty/signature bowl from each ramen shop.  All ramen illustrations are based on the real ramen that you will eat at the restaurant.

Below each illustration, you will find more detailed information for the ramen:
  • Soup base
  • Name of the ramen on menu
  • Restaurant name
  • Location of restaurant

Designer: Fanny Chu
Dimension: print up to 16 inch x 20 inch
Background: Night Cherry Blossom
Release Year: 2018
File Type: PDF file
File will be sent from email address: Fanny@JFoodie.com


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