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Desserts in Japan, 16x20

Desserts in Japan, 16x20

“Desserts in Japan” is the first illustrated food art to introduce today’s most popular traditional and modern sweets in Japan. Show your true love for Japanese desserts and get ready to try all 36 delicious confections!


In the beginning of this year, I started watching the show: "Kantaro: The Sweet Tooth Salaryman", a popular Japanese show featuring an interesting story of Kantaro, a salesman who skips work to secretly visit dessert shops and indulge in sweets! I love this show and was always drawn into the compelling desserts when they were filmed up close!

Sadly, the show only has 12 episodes and I finished the show in less than a week. I began to wonder: "What about some other delicious desserts like Ice Cream Mochi, Dorayaki, Japanese Cheesecakes, etc?"

This is how I landed myself with this project: Desserts in Japan Poster

Now it's our turn to show how much we love Japanese sweets, just like Kantaro the Sweet Tooth Salaryman!


A total of 36 Japanese desserts will be introduced on this poster. That includes traditional Japanese desserts like Dango, Daifuku, and Anmitsu as well as popular modern sweets such as crepe, honey toast, Japanese pancakes! Based on real food, I draw each dessert one by one with consistent style and orientation.  

Below each illustration, you will find more detailed information for each dessert:
  • English name
  • Japanese name
  • Description

Designer: Fanny Chu
Dimension: 16 inch x 20 inch
Background: Gray Japanese paper texture
Release Year: 2018


35 USD