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Spreading the love for Japanese food through art and design. Thanks for stopping by!

-Fanny Chu



I am Fanny, graduated from UC Berkeley with an Architecture major. I started dining out more often when I was in college. That was the time when I started to notice that I eat a lot more Japanese food than other types of cuisines. Ramen is my favorite, and I also love Japanese snacks, street food, and Sashimi. (raw seafood dishes)


Discover and Explore for the best Japanese dining experience is the mission of my blog. "Japanese Foodie." After my first fine dining experience at Wako (San Francisco) as well as Sushi Sho (El Cerrito), I learn a lot about authentic Japanese food by simply experiencing them through a meal. From these high-quality meals, my standard and expectation from a restaurant became a lot of higher over time. I began my journey in exploring new Japanese food places and to find my best Japanese dining experience through writing blog. Please visit my food blog at: www.JFoodie.com